A Look at Man Lifts


man lifts

Man lifts, also called aerial lifts, are specially designed machinery that allow workers to do tasks safely and effectively at heights. They are generally attached to a hoist lifting system that raises and lowers the tools and employees as necessary. The lifting system may be powered by electric, hydraulic, or pneumatic means and the man lift can be either operated by a crane, a cable lift or a forklift. Regardless of which type is used, however, the lifting system must be certified by the appropriate authorities in order to be used legally.


These devices usually use cables and they can either be vertical or inclined so that they can easily move vertically up and down the stairs. Usually the man lifts are attached to the staircase by a series of metal ladders. The purpose of the ladders is not only to allow the person to easily ascend and descend the stairs but to also allow him to transfer between different levels in the building in order to reach things such as fire extinguishers or other equipment that he may need. Some of these lifts can be moved from one floor to another as needed, while others are permanently attached to the staircase.


When it comes to the different types of man lifts and their various uses, two of the most popular varieties are those that are self-propelled and those that are attached to the staircase. Self-propelled man lifts are usually used indoors where access to the upper floors of a building is required. This type of lift has a telescoping pole or an extending boom on its side, which allows it to be remotely controlled. The pole usually features a counterweight so that it can be balanced at all times. The self-propelled variety of man lifts can also be operated by internal power or by a combination of engine and foot power.

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