Architects in the Mornington Peninsula


Architects Mornington Peninsula have a wealth of experience. The practice is based in the suburb of Mornington and the architect, Graham Jones, grew up on the Peninsula. His parents helped him attain the best education possible, so he entered the workforce straight out of school. But his dream did not die. Now, at age forty, he runs his own design practice from his home.

The Secret Of Architects In The Mornington Peninsula

The architect, Adrian Bonomi, focuses on fine residential architecture and integrated landscape design. His goal is to create unique dwellings that reflect the client’s needs and respond to site and local context. He is an expert in passive solar design and is also interested in low-footprint dwellings. The practice was established in 2009, following several years of practice. He spent his early years working for renowned architect, Neville Gruzman AM.

Architects in the Mornington Peninsula are often referred to as ‘contemporary’ or ‘neo-traditional’. A ‘contemporary’ residence is a “modernist’ home that follows the architectural and landscape context. The designer should make the design reflect the owner’s needs. The style of the house should suit the family and the surroundings.

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