What Are The Kolkata Fatafat Results?


Kolkata FF results: The game is based entirely on luck and so the odds of winning are quite low. The game was first launched as a lottery game and was extremely successful in the state of Kerala. Today the game has been transferred to Kolkata where the people love the game so much and they have developed many betting websites on the Internet. The success of the game has also encouraged many lottery players from other states to come to Kolkata to participate in the game. The game can be played all throughout the year and at any time you can participate and play the lottery online if you wish to do so. The game can also be played at any time during the day and there are no particular hours set apart for the game in which you need to start.

Here Is A Method That Is Helping What Are The Kolkata Fatafat Results?

Prize money: Once you have entered the draw for the jackpot and once the drawing for the prize money has been conducted, the amount of money that is won gets transferred to your account. If you want to withdraw the prize money, then you need to send a request in writing mentioning the reason for withdrawal along with the address of the recipient and also the amount of prize money that you would like to withdraw. You can either do it by cash or by way of cheque and then the company will transfer the money to the address that you have mentioned in your request form.

All the players will be given the same amount of starting money and then after the drawing of the numbers the player can either choose to bet the same number again or else he can change his mind and play another number or he can opt to go for a single number or a combination of two or more numbers. In case you have a number in your hand, which you think is worth a bet, then you need not call, rather, you need to wait till your opponent’s bet the same number as yours and in case they do, then you can simply withdraw your money. The odds of winning are always high in Kolkata, and you will always be playing for small pots. So, when you win the jackpot, there will be many people who will be there to cash in on that win.