Dedicated Servers


With a Dedicated Server, you get the benefit of having root access to it. This means that you have total control over it, and you can install any software, program, or even tweak it to suit your requirements. Every Server Mania 10Gbps Dedicated Server will be customized to your exact needs. You will get an interface that is user-friendly and that is easy to navigate, which will provide you the easiest time possible configuring and using the server.

How to Choose a Dedicated Server

Dedicated Servers are the latest trend in web hosting. They are more affordable compared to shared servers, which are very common these days. In a Dedicated Server, you will have your own space and power for your own applications, and you will be the only one to have access to it. You will also enjoy reliability and better security than what you would get with a Shared Server. With Dedicated Servers, every program that you install is 100% yours.

When choosing your Dedicated Server, there are certain things that you need to consider. For instance, if you plan on offering application services, then you might want to choose a server with a high bandwidth and a big storage capacity. Another important factor to consider is how secure your Dedicated Server is. It is very necessary to opt for a server that comes with round-the-clock security. If you are planning on using a database, then you will have to consider whether it will be database-side or server-side based.

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