Facts About the Unique 99 Years Leasehold Deal at Normanton Park Condo


NormantonPark-Condos is an all-new luxury condominium located at Northgate Villages. The development is constructed on a prominent location at Northgate Villages, a very affluent residential area at the center of Singapore’s business district. The project is fully compliant with the local and national building codes. In fact, it is one of the very few condominium projects in the country that has achieved such high standards.

The Latest Updates on the Normanton Park Condo Project

In fact, Normanton Park Condo boasts of some remarkable features, including a very chic design and architectural excellence, premium amenities and fully upgraded interiors. It is also notable for its sky-touching views, its landscaped gardens and the fact that it is one of the very few projects in Singapore which has been able to achieve the rare feat of achieving both a luxury condominium rating A and B from the estate agents. In fact, Normanton Park condo is also very well known for being the only project in Singapore which is not fully covered by any form of public housing. The plot ratio is also quite high at 1.5:1. This means that each individual plot is priced at very high rates.

The project promises to provide residents with fully furnished residences, with individual decks of different sizes, pools and tennis courts. It is also worth mentioning that each unit in the building has been fully furnished by the developers, ensuring that each unit will offer complete comfort and elegance to its residents. Asking about the financing options offered for the project?

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