Online Gaming: Help Children Learn


Online gaming refers to a phenomenon wherein a player controls virtual characters in a computer-simulated game via a network, such as the Internet, and displays the results of that action on a screen. Most commonly, online gaming takes the form of computer games that are played over the Internet. However, some multiplayer online games (like World of Warcraft) also utilize other networks like the Game Server. The Game Server is a collection of code that runs on a personal computer connected to the Internet which is programmed to accept and serve requests from any other computers that are either connected to the Internet itself or to any computer that has been set up for play using that particular application. The Game Server is responsible for managing a number of computers that all play the same game at the same time, in a sort of “let’s play” scenario. Go to website

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Online Gaming: Help Children Learn


Computer games can either use abstract graphics, 3D graphics, or specific applications that help the player to manipulate objects within the game world, such as weaponry or vehicles. With online gaming, players can go beyond the single player experience, where they take on the role of a character within a narrative that the developers have already created. This allows the player to become almost a part of the action, instead of simply playing a character. This is the reason why most multiplayer online games employ some form of strategy to keep the action going, as well as the ability to communicate with other players through a variety of tools and means, such as chat, forums, letters, and sometimes even electronic game worlds. Many people refer to these electronic game worlds as “virtual worlds,” since they can feel almost like they are living inside of them, aside from the fact that they are on the other side of the Internet.


One of the most popular uses for online gaming is for entertainment purposes. This has lead to many apps being developed that help children in various ways. Some of these apps are based on games that are designed for girls, while others are based on games that are designed for boys. There are also apps that target young adults of all ages. If you are interested in the development of these apps, the Department of Cultural Arts at De La Salle University offers a number of different programs that can help students learn about the history of online gaming and its various applications.

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