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Kayaks are one of the most versatile boats you can purchase today and they can be used for recreational boating, deep sea fishing, or commercial fishing. A kayak (pronounced “kee-ahk) is usually a narrow, open watercraft that is usually propelled either by a single, double, or twin-engine paddle. The word kayak comes from the Greenlandic language qajaq, which roughly translates to “wood-sinker”. The first kayaks were crafted out of wood from ancient trees and the first designs used could be described as Gothic in appearance because of their primitive and minimalist style. Today’s kayaks are very sleek and modern in design and are designed to hold a considerable load of weight.


Whitewater kayaks are usually designed to travel on rivers or lakes that are deeper than the kayaker intends to travel. Generally these kayaks have a flat bottom that swivels out into a hull that is angled towards the kayaks forward position. Typically these kayaks will have a smaller motor, but because they are designed to travel on difficult rivers and lakes, they typically have more weight than other kayaks. Some whitewater kayaks have an attached ladder in order for the kayaker to get to the top of the whitewater. This ladder, however, can be disabled so that it can be accessed without climbing over the side of the boat.


Recreational kayaking (or stand up kayaking) is a type of sport that enjoys all of the benefits of kayaking while on water. This type of kayaking is often performed on lakes or rivers where the kayakers have more skill in maneuvering the craft than they do on the open ocean. These kayaks are generally faster than other types of kayaks and they are much wider and longer than most kayaks. They are also equipped with features such as special seats (especially suitable for people with disabilities) and even mirrors so that other boats can be viewed from within the kayaking area. These recreational kayaks are very similar to Eskimos, but are specifically designed to be fast and efficient while still enjoying the sights and sounds of water. There are some models which are designed so that they can be rowed as well.

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