The Advantages Of Using High Tensile Security Screen


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Security screens are typically a high tensile welded stainless steel woven mesh, secured to the frame by a special lock-bolt mechanism screwed directly to the steel frame and via the mesh. This creates a spectacularly effective yet versatile secondary security screen that provides excellent visibility and air circulation within a confined space. Security screens provide many advantages over other types of partition such as drapes, curtains and blinds, but offer substantially less privacy. These screens offer an excellent balance between effective partitioning and sufficient privacy to meet most home requirements.

The Advantages Of Using High Tensile Security Screen…

There are several key benefits to using a security screen with your windows and doors: The most obvious one is the increased level of safety from burglary, which can be anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes. In addition, your home security will increase significantly due to the amount of time that criminals spend trying to identify your windows and doors and ultimately avoid them, which in turn increases the chances of them attempting a burglary when no one is home. Also, the screens offer superior air circulation due to the design of the mesh backing and therefore discourage cold and hot air from entering and leaving your house as much as they prevent insects from entering and leaving your house. Finally, since security screens are completely transparent, you will receive a very good level of privacy while you are inside your home.


These high tensile woven mesh screens are available in many different sizes, depending on the size of your window or door, and are often available with all of the hardware necessary to install them yourself. The larger the window or door you are protecting, the more security you may need from these screens, and for this you will often have to choose between mesh screens with full or partial bars. Bar security screens allow for greater security, and they offer a very high degree of privacy protection that is not offered by partial bars. Either option will give you excellent results, however it is often best to combine both types of security screens in one application so that you can be assured of optimum protection against intruders.

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