The Benefits of Physiotherapy Caulfield


physiotherapy caulfield

The Joint Physiotherapy Caulfield will help you get over the injury quicker and improve your performance from many common sporting injuries. Physiotherapy is a treatment process which involves the use of various types of therapies and exercises to heal, repair and strengthen all the muscles, ligaments, tendons and bones in the body. This will help athletes in their sport return to their normal level of performance.


In this type of treatment the physiotherapist will start with the assessment of the injury. They will check the severity of the injury, any inflammation and any areas of weakness that may be contributing to the injury. Next the physiotherapist will move on to determining the rehabilitation program for you. They will make sure that you have a program designed to heal, strengthen and rebuild the injured area so that you can regain your previous performance. The rehabilitation program will be determined by your individual condition and ability.


Then they will design a course of treatment to be followed. Usually the physiotherapist will be working with you for a period of time of around six to eight weeks. During this time they will introduce you to the therapy techniques which are used during the physiotherapy treatment. At the end of the physiotherapy program they will teach you how to resume your normal daily activities.

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