The Best Things to Do in Galena IL


Best Things to do in Galena Illinois include a trip down the Wabash River that divides the towns into two: One goes east and the other goes west. It’s the best way to see the other towns’ historical sites and view the unique architecture that defines the town’s heritage. If you’re an outdoor lover, you’ll also love the beautiful landscape of the countryside. If you want to experience nature, then hiking, biking, horseback riding, and rafting are among the best things to do in Galena.

Best Things to Do Galena

There’s no one particular thing that you should do in Galena, but you can’t go wrong by trying a hot air balloon ride across the scenic Wabash River. Galenaites have enjoyed this attraction for more than two decades and the number of balloonists who visit in the autumn are fewer compared to those in the spring or summer. As one of the most beautiful cities in Illinois, one can also try to enjoy a Galena picnic. There are many beautiful spots that you can visit during a picnic.

A Galena picnic is also a great idea because there are so many historical sights to see in this charming town. If you like to shop, then you’ll certainly want to visit Fosse Egg, which is named after the world’s first egg hatchery. You will also see a number of old-fashioned shops that date back to when this town was first established. In addition, as you tour the downtown area of Galena Il, you can visit the beautiful botanical gardens. These gardens are a must visit if you ever get the chance to tour this town.

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