The History of the Messenger Bag


The history of the messenger bag is quite interesting. This style of bag was first used during the Pony Express, when horse-mounted riders carried important mail. Later, they were designed for bicycles. The main purpose of these bags was to transport important documents, and were usually fitted with secure closures. Then, they were made fashionable for men in the 1970s. This is how they got their name. Now, there are many different types of messenger bags available on the market.

There Are Many Variations In The Design And Style

A messenger bag is a rectangular bag with a long, wide shoulder strap, and a flap that covers the entire front or opening. The style of messenger bag is largely unchanged today, though there are many variations in the design and style. A De Martini version is still produced today. The style has many historical and contemporary applications. Here are a few of these uses. They are a popular choice for many urbanites. In addition to being useful for everyday use, messenger bags are also ideal for bicycle messengers and postal workers.

The Incase Compass Messenger is a stylish, well-organized messenger bag that blends into both work and play environments. Its minimalist design makes it versatile enough to use at the office or at the local cafĂ©. The interior is easy to organize and has plenty of compartments for your daily essentials. A padded 15′ laptop sleeve and several internal and external pockets make this bag great for storing documents and other large items.

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