Why Would You Need a Pest Control Company in Town of Matthews?


The business of CTRL Pest Control Matthews, North Carolina has been providing quality pest control, indoor air quality solutions and other pest control services to its customers for over twenty five years. They offer a comprehensive pest control program that includes the complete cleaning, disinfecting, removal and sanitizing of your home or office environment. The services offered are designed for the home or office, commercial, institutional, or public works locations. If you are looking for a professional and fully licensed company to provide pest control in the town of Matthews, contact Carla Whitlock at the CTRL Pest Control Company. She will personally visit your premises and offer free pest inspection as well as offering comprehensive pest control and related services. If you have a history of pest infestation and have tried numerous methods to get rid of pests without success, you should consider getting your office or home free from pests by having your place inspected and treated by a fully trained and qualified pest control expert. Check out – https://ctrlpests.com/matthews-nc-pest-control/

Need a Pest Control Company in the Town of Matthews?

A qualified and certified pest control expert will conduct a thorough physical examination of the place and will also do some electrical, chemical and pest testing as well as interviewing of the residents. Your pest control company will also offer services such as eliminating and preventing re-infestations, sealant removal, odor control and carpet and furniture refinishing. The experienced and qualified pest control experts will also offer services such as the timely detection and treatment of food and waterborne diseases, the sanitary inspection of commercial and/or public areas, the assessment and evaluation of safety and security issues and the prevention or repair of existing damage caused by pests and rodents.

If you are interested in finding a qualified and fully licensed pest control company in the town of Matthews, contact Carla Whitlock at the CTRL Pest Control Company. Whitlock has years of experience dealing with pests and she is able to quickly identify what pests are present, how severe the problem is and what methods should be used to remove these pesky invaders. The experts at the CTRL Pest Control Company are committed to providing quality pest control services and have the necessary training, licensing, and experience to safely and effectively remove all types of pests and rodents from any property.

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